Daily Reader, Oster-Ausgabe

Frohe Ostern! Heute mit persönlichen Daten in fremden Händen, BYOD in Kinderhand, einem digitalen Treffen der Generationen, Twitter, LinkedIn Endorsements und mehr. ||

PERSONALMANAGEMENT: Arbeitgeber sammeln konzeptlos Mitarbeiterdaten. http://www.zeit.de/karriere/bewerbung/2013-03/talentmanagement-studie-personaldaten

The Dark Side of BYOD: Privacy, personal data loss, and more. http://venturebeat.com/2013/03/28/the-dark-side-of-byod-privacy-personal-data-loss-and-more/

How Many Users Should You Follow On Twitter? http://www.mediabistro.com/alltwitter/following-twitter_b38794

How Digital Behavior Differs Among Millennials, Gen Xers and Boomers. US-centric data, nice orb graphics. http://www.emarketer.com/Article/How-Digital-Behavior-Differs-Among-Millennials-Gen-Xers-Boomers

Are LinkedIn Endorsements just a cry for attention.
“At first I felt flattered when connections started ‘endorsing’ me for the skills I’d listed on my profile… but then things changed. Suddenly people started to endorse me for things I’ve never even said I can do or mentioned anywhere on my profile. Seriously, I can’t be the only one that this is happening to, right? Apart from really confusing anyone who looks at your profile, these fake Endorsements are now taking up more and more space on your LinkedIn profile – potentially pushing down other information which is a) much more credible and b) much more important.”
|| Actually, this is exactly the problem with the Endorsements. You receive them from people who scarcely know you.

Ist Klout (nach deutschem Datenschutzrecht) eigentlich legal? http://buggisch.wordpress.com/2013/03/27/ist-klout-legal-sociaonline-scoring-dienste-im-rechts-und-datenschutz-check/

Viadeo has to learn to annoy less…

I followed a direct link from Facebook to the latest vacancies at the Viadeo HQ in France, which actually looked quite nice:


Okay, “34 offres d’emploi trouvées”… Ile-de-France, Ile-de-France, Ile-the-what-the-heck-is-that? “Pardonnez-moi !”


The picture changes, and in rather fluent and nearly error free German I’m requested to claim my ground on Viadeo, to “follow 50 million working people”. Now, having a wide screen, the picture below plastered everything in white with a little grey. I edited the screenshot to fit this screen, but I did not know what to do about it. Same on the iPhone, by the way. There was no obvious way to say kindly “no, thank you!”


Or was there? Actually, there was. However, if everything else is in German, why not the word “close”? “Fermer” did the trick, but it was hidden in the upper right corner in a nearly invisble font color. But if you try to angle German or international customers (or employees), they need at least to be able to deny without being annoyed. “Fermer” is used in English, Spanish, Russian, …

BTW, quite nice is the login with “my networks” feature.

image image


However, the nag screen returned every time I pressed “next page”, and honestly, it reminded me why I had closed my Viadeo account a few month ago. The handling is less fun than LinkedIn or Xing (even if you try to overcome the language barrier, as this is a business network of French origin), usually the groups are far less active and far smaller in terms of membership, the free membership does not help as much as the subscription services. To join does only make sense if you have tight ties with French business people.

So “non”, for the time being, I will not become a member again. “Fermer!”

Daily Reader, 28.03.2013

Heute mit Irritationen, Monitoring in Asien und zukunftsträchtigen Plattformen in China, sowie den Marketing-Trends 2013. ||

Das Leistungsschutzrecht und Irritationen für Blogger. http://linkedinsiders.wordpress.com/2013/03/27/das-leistungsschutzrecht-und-irritationen-fur-blogger/

How To Create Visionary Measurement For Social Media. http://www.rohitbhargava.com/2013/03/how-to-create-visionary-measurement-for-social-media.html

The Trouble With Social Media Monitoring in Asia. http://www.clickz.asia/11139/the-trouble-with-social-media-monitoring-in-asia

Identify the right Social platform for your marketing in China. http://blogs.forrester.com/xiaofeng_wang/13-03-28-identify_the_right_social_platform_for_your_marketing_efforts_in_china

Trends in Marketing for 2013. http://www.womma.org/blog/2013/03/trends-in-marketing-for-2013

6 Ways Facebook Contests Can Increase Engagement. http://www.business2community.com/facebook/6-ways-facebook-contests-can-increase-engagement-0441499

A Data Scientist’s Real Job: Storytelling. http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2013/03/a_data_scientists_real_job_sto.html

#measure13 (Daily Reader special)

Heute das geballte Wissen der #measure13 in London. || Today curating the knowledge of #measure13 in London. || April 6, final. 

#measure13 – March 26-27 in London. Wish I’d have been there. Seeing Mr. “Influence” Philip Sheldrake (my highlight of Monitoring Social Media Bootcamp 2010) and The Queen of Measurement Katie Delahaye Paine next to each other alone would have been worth the trip…

We’ve come a long way since March 2010! Social Media Monitoring tools have improved tremendously, but the challenges did evolve also. Saldy, measurement is still an enigma to most of us, how to pinpoint the ROI, how to put the value of online conversations in in €, $, RMB? Below you’ll find tweets and presentations from the event, which was hosted by Luke Brynley-Jones and his team of oursocialtimes. (I intend to update this post with new tidbits as often as possible.)

The Live Blog. http://www.liberatemedia.com/blog/

The Story of #Measure13, part 1: http://oursocialtimes.com/the-story-of-measure13-part-1/ and part 2: http://oursocialtimes.com/the-story-of-measure13-part-2/

Summary of all 1,150+ tweets, pics, videos and slides. http://eventifier.co/event/measure13

The slides, posted by Oursocialtimes: http://de.slideshare.net/oursocialtimes

Presentation by Katy Howell: Social Media Attribution Model 2013. http://de.slideshare.net/IFslideshares/social-mediaattribution2013-immediatefuture 
|| No vanilla added. ;-)

Zero Moment of Truth – Trailer.

Zero Moment of Truth – finally, I embedded a YouTube video, HEY!


Summaries by Abigail Harrison:



Quoted at and around #measure13:

clip_image002   image


Tweetdeck und der Papierkorb

Wer mehreren Twitter-Konversationen folgt, fragt sich unweigerlich nach einiger Zeit, ob er dies oder das nicht schon mal gesehen hat… Getreu der Weisheit, die Seele jeder Ordnung sei ein großer Papierkorb, entwickelt sich für mich eben dieser bei Tweetdeck (Chrome) zum Kernarbeitsmittel. “Clear column” heißt das Zauberwort, weg mit gelesenen Dingen!


Veröffentlicht unter Apps

Daily Reader, 28.03.2013

Heute mit der Frage, ob wir zu viele Informationen „teilen“, dem Unterschied von Wissensmanagement und Social Media an sich, einem Plädoyer für RSS (Ja!!!), and Facebook, Facebook, Facebook. ||

Newsfeeder.com zeigt Facebook Best Practice für den Newsfeed.
Zu sehen sind viele tolle Beispiele gerade auch in Hinsicht auf die kommende Wertsteigerung von Bildern. “Alle aufgeführten Beispiele verbindet eines: Sie stehen in direkter Verbindung zur Marke und versuchen nicht durch plumpe Aufforderungen die Interaktionsrate einer Seite in die Höhe zu treiben. Sie zeigen aber auch eines, Community Management ist mehr als Statusupdates schreiben.“

Where Knowledge Management and Social Media Meet

“Social media & knowledge management (KM) seem very similar. Both involve people using technology to access information. Both require individuals to create information intended for sharing. Both profess to support collaboration. But there’s a big difference.

  1. Knowledge management is what company management tells me I need to know, based on what they think is important.
  2. Social media is how my peers show me what they think is important, based on their experience and in a way that I can judge for myself.”

Source: http://yourstory.in/2013/03/knowledge-management-social-media/

Warum es sich lohnt, RSS nicht den Rücken zu kehren. http://netzwertig.com/2013/03/27/long-tail-warum-es-sich-lohnt-rss-nicht-den-ruecken-zu-kehren/

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest – Are You Sharing Too Much Online? [INFOGRAPHIC] || From September 2012, but still very interesting. http://www.mediabistro.com/alltwitter/privacy-social-media_b28111

25 Social Media Stats About Your Customers. || Stats curated by Americans, that is – no non-English source mentioned. http://www.salesforcemarketingcloud.com/blog/2013/03/2-social-media-stats-customers/

An 8-Step Social Media Marketing Strategy For Brands [INFOGRAPHIC]. http://www.mediabistro.com/alltwitter/8-step-social-strategy_b38667

4 Ways to Start Building a Community on Facebook. http://www.sociallystacked.com/2013/03/4-quick-ways-small-business-owners-can-start-building-a-community-on-facebook/

Daily Reader, 27.03.2013

Heute mit Evangelisten, Ning‘s Comeback, Adage’s Erkenntnis, dass alles keinen interessiert, dazu passend KPIs für E-Mail-Marketing, WOM-Grundlagen, und die Entzauberung des Facebook-Mythos. ||

8 ways to create brand evangelists. http://www.prdaily.com/Main/Articles/14133.aspx

15 Twitter Stats Brands Should Know. http://www.digiday.com/brands/15-twitter-stats-brands-should-know/

Nobody Really Cares About Your Brand | Stop Worrying About Being Better. Be Relevant.

Busting Facebook’s Most Widespread Myth.
“Facebook does not play with the reach of pages to force them to pay for advertising. An effective page still enjoys phenomenal reach without paying a dime.” || This is an interesting breakdown of Impressions and KPIs on Facebook fanpages.

Social Media Konzept für Unternehmen – was ist zu beachten! http://www.keller-medienberatung.de/consulting/web-2-0/social-media-konzept-fuer-unternehmen-was-ist-zu-beachten/ (schon etwas älter…)

Den Erfolg von E-Mail Marketing bestimmen. http://www.gruenderszene.de/marketing/e-mail-marketing-erfolgsmessung

Richtig gute Tipps, um seine Kreise bei Google+ zu managen. http://www.deutsche-startups.de/2013/03/20/richtig-gute-tipps-um-seine-kreise-bei-google-zu-managen

Word-of-Mouth-Marketing: Definition und Grundlagen. http://www.sem-deutschland.de/social-media-marketing/definition-grundlagen-word/

Breakdown: Corporate Social Media Team.
Great resources by Altimeter, from September 2012. http://www.web-strategist.com/blog/2012/09/09/breakdown-corporate-social-media-team/

Ning Tries to Recover its Zing
“Do you remember Ning? Back in 2005, Ning launched an unusual social networking tool that combined the conversation of a forum with the content of a website. Thousands of people signed up to create communities…” till Ning ditched the “free” service. Now they try their comeback. (Und deutsche Nutzer sollten berücksichtigen, dass alle Daten in den USA gespeichert werden…) http://www.marketingpilgrim.com/2013/03/ning-tries-to-recover-its-zing.html

Daily Reader, 26.03.2013

Heute mit animierten Profilfotos auf G+, die Herkunft der Fans von Facebook-Seiten und deren Vorbereitung auf die neuen Änderungen.

20 Ways Brands Can Prepare For Facebook Changes. http://marketingland.com/20-ways-brands-can-prepare-for-facebook-changes-36660

Woher kommen die Fans einer Facebook-Seite? Sind sie gekauft oder nicht? Check it: http://www.sterntv-experimente.de/FacebookLikeCheck/

Google liebt GIF: Google+ unterstützt animierte Profilfotos. http://www.googlewatchblog.de/2013/03/google-gif-googleplus-profilfotos/

Analyzing the ROI of Social Media Marketing. http://socialmediatoday.com/cara-tarbaj/1319956/top-9-stats-analyzing-roi-social-media-marketing

Daily Reader, 25.03.2013

Heute mit einer Weltkarte von Bitly, dem Abschied vom Technologiestandort Deutschland, Fotosuche bei G+, Google Analytics (und was es könnte, wenn’s nicht datenschutzkonform eingesetzt wird), Tipps zur Visualisierung sowie – natürlich – Facebook.

Data from around the world, except for China, where the service is blocked (yes, sadly.) “The study isn’t perfect of course. Only traffic routed through Bitly is counted and some popular country-specific social networking services such as South Korea’s Cyworld aren’t included. This methodology resulted in some surprising results—such as the vibrant Portuguese-language social networks in Brazil largely falling off the map.”

Deutschland – Abschied vom Technologiestandort, von Thomas Knüwer (ehemals beim Handelsblatt). http://www.indiskretionehrensache.de/2013/03/deutschland-technologiestandort

26 Ways to Use Visuals in Your Social Media Marketing. http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/26-tips-visual-social-media-marketing-strategy/

Google+ Allows Users to Search Site for Photos. http://socialtimes.com/google-plus-photo-search_b122211

HANDOUT LEGAL ASPECTS OF THE USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA. http://haerting.de/de/haerting-papers/handout-legal-aspects-use-social-media

Facebook Graph Search – Social Recruiting on Steroids? http://www.social-hire.com/social-recruiting-advice/1667/facebook-graph-search—social-recruiting-on-steroids

10 more valuable Google Analytics custom reports. http://econsultancy.com/de/blog/62318-10-more-valuable-google-analytics-custom-reports

Daily Reader, 23.03.2013

Heute mit Lessons Learned zur Social Media-Strategie, dem IP4-Zensus, Home Office Guidelines, dicken Bewerbern (oops!), abgefahrenem Personalmarketing bei der Bahn, Hausrecht auf und dem NPO-Guide für … Facebook!

Social Media Strategie: Lessons Learned
…und dabei stets darauf achten, dass interne Machtkämpfe die Workshops nicht sabotieren…

Researcher Uses Malware to Conduct Global Internet Census. http://socialtimes.com/researcher-uses-virus-to-conduct-global-internet-census_b122065
Auch hier:
Forschung mit illegalem Botnetz: Die Vermessung des Internets

Zensur bei Facebook? Nutzungsbedingungen in Sozialen Medien und Reichweite des virtuellen Hausrechts. http://www.rechtzweinull.de/archives/840-Zensur-bei-Facebook-Reichweite-des-virtuellen-Hausrechts.html

Home Office Guidelines: Darauf bitte achten! (mit Download) http://karrierebibel.de/home-office-guidelines-darauf-bitte-achten-mit-download

Facebook: Neuer Seiten Guide für Non-Profit Organisationen (NPO). http://www.thomashutter.com/index.php/2013/03/facebook-neuer-seiten-guide-fur-non-profit-organisationen-npo/

Arbeitsrecht: Diskriminierende Stellenausschreibung. http://www.bewerberblog.de/2013/03/arbeitsrecht-ii/

Neulich, im Zug. “Mobiles” Personalmarketing bei der Bahn. http://personalmarketing2null.de/2013/03/15/neulich-im-zug-mobiles-personalmarketing-bei-der-bahn/