Setting rules, deactivating comments

Dan Amrich, the community manager of Activision, had a nice post on housekeeping in his “tiny realms” on the internet. While it is mostly gaming related, these few lines I found rather well written and I followed a similar code of no tolerance while managing GIZ.Jobs. I’m convinced you have to set the rules from the beginning, and remind people about them from time to time, nicely.

  • Mr. Amrich wrote: “I’m just running my page the way I see fit; if you’re a guest in my house, I expect you will not track mud all over the floor. If you think it’s your right to do that, you’re wrong, and you’re uninvited. (…) If you can’t have that conversation (…) without namecalling — if you can’t take responsibility for what you say or how you say it — you are absolutely not welcome to have that conversation here. (…)  If you can’t talk without trolling, you will *never* be welcome in any of my tiny realms.”

(Those of you intersted in the return of the gamer wars (C64 vs. CPC, anyone?) can read the full text over at One of Swords.)

So, as I got annoyed by reading 200 irrelevant comments about shoe sales and enlargement pills, compared to one nicely written, I decided to deactivate the comments on this site. If you want to communicate with me in a meaningful way, I’m easily reached via the e-mail address mentioned in the imprint.