Newsmakers – who won the coverage competition at E3 2013?

In the 2nd week of June, gamers looked to Los Angeles for the biggest show there is (if you don’t count Gamescom Cologne, that is). And journalists are saying that Sony won the event (Venturebeat), taking gamers’ hearts with force. Nice price, nice features, nice games, everybody happy but Microsoft (News10).

But who won the race for coverage? I’ve been looking on a dataset of about 145,000 lines collected from more than 1,700 unique active RSS sources written in roman characters, from European, Australian and American sources. I’ve spend some time cleaning data, and this is what I compiled: Activision and Electronic Arts fought for the throne as may be expected. Ubi Soft had two titles in the Top 5, followed by Nintendo! This is an overview of games mentioned exclusively in more than 500 headlines between June 7 and June 24. Actually, some sites are still catching up with their E3 coverage even now (i.e. 9


In terms of overall volume, Friday before the show (June 7) was a day of teasers. Sunday (June 9) was quiet in overall volume, but it featured the Call of Duty: Ghosts event. The first spike happened after the pre-E3 press conferences on Monday (June 10). The showfloor opened on June 11, with a spike of more than 19,000 headlines that day, journalists being excited for the big day, but still catching up with the conferences.


The days in depth:

  • Sunday June 9 was dominated by the Call of Duty: Ghosts (Activision) event, coverage stretching over to Monday.
  • June 10, the pre-show day with the press conferences of Microsoft and Sony, was won by Watchdogs (Ubi) and Battlefield 4 (EA). There was more coverage on Call of Duty, and Titanfall (EA) made it’s mark. Dead Rising 3 (Capcom) and Killer Instinct (Microsoft) also have been top games of the day.
  • When showfloor opend on June 11, gamers talked Destiny (Activision/Bungie), Super Smash Bros. (Nintendo), Final Fantasy XV (Square), Assassin’s Creed IV (Ubi), and The Division (Ubi).


Another visualization of the Top 5 Newsmakers (updated June 26):


A closer look on Nintendo: since no new console was to be shown, how did Nintendo fare ? In terms of overall coverage, Super Smash Bros. dominated by far, being mentioned nearly twice as often as Super Mario 3D World and the Pokémon Y/X.


This overview was compiled with Filemaker, Excel, a desktop RSS reader fetching stories twice or thrice a day, and a little magic cleaning the raw material. All data mangled is pushed by the sources using their native RSS feeds. Could I have done better with a “proper” monitoring solution? Maybe. Certainly such a system would have recorded even more stories, and it would feature pretty graphics. But I wonder if data quality would be as good as my DIY monitoring solution…? If you can’t afford to buy Radian 6, SM2, or anything as powerful, you spend your time cleaning data. And certainly, I could have burried myself even longer in this dataset, cleaning more.

But who’s going to pay for that…?


(Oh, by the way, I am looking for a new challenge in Social Media Management | Social Media Monitoring in Rhein/Main area, Germany. I’m here:

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  1. Oliver,
    This is a neat blogpost and I am surte a lot of work (don’t want to ask how many days :-) ) went into this.

    What I like is that you set yourself some goals such as:

    - find out which game gets mentioned most over the period
    - whose game is number 1 or 2 on various days
    - top 5 games
    - newsmakers of the day
    - etc.

    Really neat. Now the vendors just have to link your data with their sales data and then things get really exciting for them…. but the smartest thing for them to do is just hire you :-)

    Thanks for sharing this in our Xing group.

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