Daily Reader, 08.07.2013

Heute mit der schmerzhaften Landung, Smart Content, HR-Themen und Facebook. ||

YouTube, Twitter capture crash on landing of Boeing 777 at San Francisco Airport. http://www.fastcompany.com/3013916/youtube-twitter-capture-crash-on-landing-of-boeing-777-asiana-flight-214-from-seoul-south-ko

Smart Content Trend Report 2013 by Kiosked. http://de.slideshare.net/Kiosked/smart-content-trend-report-july-2013

How Social Media Impacts Your SEO Ranking [Infographic]. http://sproutsocial.com/insights/2013/07/social-media-seo-infographic/

The Bikini Isn’t the Only Thing Wrong with This Gaming PC Video. || How to annoy gamers with a bad viral. http://kotaku.com/the-bikini-isnt-the-only-thing-wrong-with-this-gaming-699724656

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