Daily Reader, 16.07.2013

Heute mit der Twitter-Lektion von Roger Ebert, erschreckenden Daten-Sammelgewohnheiten von Amazon (Surprise?), etwas HR 2.0 und viel Zeugs. ||

5 social media lessons from Roger Ebert (†), @EbertChicago. Artikel vom April 2013.
“My rules for Twittering are few: I tweet in basic English. I avoid abbreviations and ChatSpell. I go for complete sentences. I try to make my links worth a click. I am not above snark, no matter what I may have written in the past. I tweet my interests, including science and politics, as well as the movies. I try to keep links to stuff on my own site down to around 5 or 10%. I try to think twice before posting.“


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