How to find historic Facebook fanpage figures for \australianaid

While gathering the latest figures on the growth of Facebook fanpages in International Cooperation, I discovered that I missed a major player alltogether. It seems that Australianaid published it’s first Facebook post in November 2011 (here). So I had wonderful growth lines in Excel, but Australians have been missing. After asking a PR rep on LinkedIn for help, I’m still waiting for an answer. But I came up with a solution to have at least a few milestones from this year, thanks to the Google Cache.


Google seems not to note the fanpage figure while caching posts, but it does so while caching Apps. So one just has to check which day the site was cached:


The result gives you the matching date for the fan figure:


Sadly, the cache does not go so far. But at least, I got three additional figures…

  • 16.09.2013 – 3273
  • 03.09.2013 – 3033
  • 20.08.2013 – 2852

…and maybe someone with Australianaid is willing to fill the blanks back to 2011.