Breaking News: Todd Hollenshead left id Software, and IGN US is the source

Today, gamers all over the world groan in unison as id Software president Todd Hollenshead left the company after 17 years. Since IGN broke the story 13 hours ago (as of Noon CET), websites everywhere have copied the story and it multiplies happily.

Update: I’ve written an article on the viral pattern. Please proceed here:

Newsmakers: What Gamers talk about today

Based on over 12,000 stories, these are the Top 15 games making headlines as of 20.00 CET on June 26, 2013.


  1. Deadpool Launch Trailer Hits The Web.
  2. Saints Row IV Refused Classification in Australia. The Escapist
  3. Borderlands 2 DLC: Tiny Tina’s Assult on Dragonkeep released. Actionradius
  4. Gran Turismo 6 trailer shows off pre-order bonuses. CVG
    Demo till Gran Turismo 6 den 2:a Juli.
  5. WWE 2K14 trailer and cover art revealed: Gamingnexus
  6. Ouya – Android-Konsole jetzt offiziell in Nordamerika und Großbritannien erhältlich.

The other stories: The Last of Us has problems with actress Ellen Page and Boston underground, Battlefield 4 Frostbite video, Black Ops Double XP weekend and Replacer video, Company of Heroes 2 strategically invades PC, Dark Souls II trailers, GRID 2 ‘Super Modified Pack’ DLC, Hotline Miami is out on PS3 and PS Vita today, First Details on The Order: 1886 Revealed, and Codemasters will announce a Colin McRae game for iOS tomorrow. Maybe.

Good night.

Daily Reader, 26.06.2013

Heute mit Digitaler Demenz, der Rolle der HR bei Enterprise 2.0, dem Geheimnis viraler Videos, guten Facebook-Fotos, und mehr. ||

Surge in ‘digital dementia’

Datenschutz: Verfassungsschutz warnt vor außereuropäischen Clouds.

10. Social Media Excellence Treffen.
“Grundlage für jede Social Media Analyse sei eine gute Quellenbasis. Dabei zähle aber nicht die Quantität sondern zunächst die Qualität.“

Slides: online pr and social media fundamentals by Michelle Goodall.

Don’t let KPIs kill your instinct.


HR 2.0

Content Marketing

The Science of Viral Videos

Daily Reader, 25.06.2013

Heute mit Facebook, dem Wert des Community Management, dem Makey Makey und einem Länderranking. ||

Bessere Optik und Übersicht: Neue Facebook Seitenstatistiken getestet.

Die Videos vom Webmontag Frankfurt.

Indigenous-owned game company making titles on culture.

Nine Excellent (Yet Free) Online Word Cloud Generators (from Dec. 2011)

Makey Makey: Hack a banana, make a keyboard. || So much fun to watch that I consider this to become my birthday wish…

The Value of Community Management.

SWAM auf LinkedIn.

Länderranking: Wie aktiv nutzen Deutsche Facebook, Twitter und Google+ im internationalen Vergleich?

Sechs Millionen Nutzer von Datenleck betroffen: Facebook teilt E-Mail-Adresse und Telefonnummer mit den falschen Personen.

Newsmakers – who won the coverage competition at E3 2013?

In the 2nd week of June, gamers looked to Los Angeles for the biggest show there is (if you don’t count Gamescom Cologne, that is). And journalists are saying that Sony won the event (Venturebeat), taking gamers’ hearts with force. Nice price, nice features, nice games, everybody happy but Microsoft (News10).

But who won the race for coverage? I’ve been looking on a dataset of about 145,000 lines collected from more than 1,700 unique active RSS sources written in roman characters, from European, Australian and American sources. I’ve spend some time cleaning data, and this is what I compiled: Activision and Electronic Arts fought for the throne as may be expected. Ubi Soft had two titles in the Top 5, followed by Nintendo! This is an overview of games mentioned exclusively in more than 500 headlines between June 7 and June 24. Actually, some sites are still catching up with their E3 coverage even now (i.e. 9



Daily Reader, 21.06.2013

Heute mit zahlreichen Geschichten rund um Bilder und was wir damit machen, das Leistungsschutzrecht, und LangeWeile im Web. Ich “lurke” beim #moca13 (Monitoring Camp) und bei #irecruitment in Amsterdam. ||

Zukunftsbremse langsames Internet: Die Schmalband-Republik.

Langeweile im Social Web oder raus aus der Komfortzone. || Mut zum Ausprobieren in Social Media.

Social Recruiting: History and Future. (from February)

Branchenreport – Deutsche Radiosender auf Facebook.

Pictures in the Dark


Daily Reader, 20.06.2013

Heute mit Wundschmerz bei IT-Einführung, Powerpoint-Monologen, dem Reuters Digital News Report 2013 und den neuen Facebook Insights. ||

„Es muss uns aber auch bewusst sein, dass jede IT-Einführung immer den Finger in die Wunden ungeklärter Prozesse, fehlender Beschlüsse oder anderer organisatorischer Fragen legt.“
Ulrich Schrader, Vizepräsident der FH Frankfurt, in CAZ 1/13.

Facebook Insights Gets a Makeover.

Facebook: überarbeitete Page Insights (Seitenstatistiken).

Case Study: Google Glass – Zwischen Technikliebe und Angst um den Datenschutz.

Was dürfen Arbeitnehmer im Internet posten?

Kommentar zu Social Media in Unternehmen:
„Es ist zum Verzweifeln: In den Führungsetagen gibt es das Mitmach-Web höchstens als Schlagwort. Statt Innovationen zu nutzen, ergötzen sich deutsche Führungskräfte an Powerpoint-Monologen.“

Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2013.

Digitales Employer Branding: Was macht es so schwer?

Setting rules, deactivating comments

Dan Amrich, the community manager of Activision, had a nice post on housekeeping in his “tiny realms” on the internet. While it is mostly gaming related, these few lines I found rather well written and I followed a similar code of no tolerance while managing GIZ.Jobs. I’m convinced you have to set the rules from the beginning, and remind people about them from time to time, nicely.

  • Mr. Amrich wrote: “I’m just running my page the way I see fit; if you’re a guest in my house, I expect you will not track mud all over the floor. If you think it’s your right to do that, you’re wrong, and you’re uninvited. (…) If you can’t have that conversation (…) without namecalling — if you can’t take responsibility for what you say or how you say it — you are absolutely not welcome to have that conversation here. (…)  If you can’t talk without trolling, you will *never* be welcome in any of my tiny realms.”

(Those of you intersted in the return of the gamer wars (C64 vs. CPC, anyone?) can read the full text over at One of Swords.)

So, as I got annoyed by reading 200 irrelevant comments about shoe sales and enlargement pills, compared to one nicely written, I decided to deactivate the comments on this site. If you want to communicate with me in a meaningful way, I’m easily reached via the e-mail address mentioned in the imprint.

Daily Reader, 19.06.2013

Heute mit den Kosten der Ignoranz von Social Media, Markenschutz, jeder Menge HR-Themen, einem ASCII-Flame War und mehr. ||


Is Google’s Universal Analytics A Game Changer? || Giving Google and the NSA even more data to seep through…?

The cost of ignoring social media. “Is your company still in denial thinking that you don’t need to embrace social media? If so, you are suffering a great cost which can be documented through research.”

Markenschutz in Social Media – Handlungsempfehlungen für Unternehmen zur Verteidigung der Marke bei Twitter, Facebook & Co.,-Facebook-Co.html

Why brands fail to connect with Twitter users.

The Secret Science Behind Big Data And Word Of Mouth.

Bundestagswahl: “Die SPD lockt mit dem eigenen Blut die Haie an”.

Microsoft’s Xbox Facebook page has turned into an epic ASCII art flame war.

Facebook: Bilder zu Links in Beiträgen auf Seiten können verändert werden. || Endlich!

Social Media HR